Other Organizations

Advisory work commissions

Territory development Commission (Public work and technology)


  • Hervé Fusinaz
  • Guala Genny
  • Naudin Osvlado

Culture and social affairs Commission


  • Marie Claire Fusinaz
  • Marta Fusinaz
  • Genny Guala

Formation and Revision of People Judges and Assise Appeal Court registers

Effective members

  • Genny Guala

Deputy members

  • Annick Dendoncker

Building Commission

  • Arch. Andrea Marchisio
  • Geom. Franco Brunet
  • Arch. Michele Saulle
  • Arch. Massimo Laurent
  • Arch. Enrica Quattrocchio
  • Geom. Massimo Roux – Membro esperto
  • Arch. Franco Accordi

Municipal Library Commission


  • Marta Fusinaz

Majority Council Delegation

  • Didier Voyat

Minority Council Delegation

  • Irene Degani

Users Delegation

  • Aline Rollandoz
  • Alice Naudin

Territory’s Associations Delegation

  • Deborah Dayné
  • Sophie Luboz
  • Loris Suino

Commission Delegates

B.I.M.: Jacques Buillet
Les Meyes: assemblea Vittorio Stefano Anglesio
Consorzio Borègne Piléo Leytin: Renato Chevrère
Comunità del Parco: Vittorio Stefano Anglesio
Unité Gran Paradis: Vittorio Stefano Anglesio
Fondation Gran Paradis: c.d.a. Jacques Buillet
Membro consiglio di amministrazione: Giorgio Dayné
Membro assemblea: Vittorio Stefano Anglesio