Chapel of San Sudario

The Chapel of San Sudario (lo Sèn-Chouéo) is located at the south of the Castle’s park circular wall, about ten meters from the “l’Ôla”. Among the numerous chapels of the village, this one deserves a particular mention, as it is considered to be one of the eldest chapels of Aosta Valley. Wanted by the Sarriod family, it was built in the second half of the 5th century. Consecrated to San Sudario, (sacred shroud), in honor of Savoy’s dukes, with whom they had very close relations, and owners of the relic. The chapel has been renewed several times (the first intervention dates 1508-1510), recently by the municipal administration, and it is used for summer expositions.

Historical curiosity: outside the chapel there is a wooden cross on a rectangular stone, on which we used to lie the bier, during funerals, like a last stop-over, waiting for the parish to come out of the chapel and accompany the defunct towards his last trip. This ritual continued until quite recently, (last time on March 31st 2000), and then disused due to traffic issues!